1- What kind of weather to expect in Palestine in the months of June- August?
Summer in Palestine is very hot and dry. People are expected to have  sandals, hats, light seasonal clothes (not transparent), and lots of sun screen. Women are advised to dress modestly.

2- What about water?
Bottled Water is sold everywhere in Palestine. But people are encouraged to drink regular tap water.

3- What about telephones?
There are telephones located throughout the area, including with families, and voluntary work organizations. As for Mobile phones, the Palestinian telecommunication Company provides SIM cards that can be used for pre paid calls. These sim cards cost One Hundred Sixty Shekels ( $40.00 ) .

4- What about internet?
Internet cafés can be easily found across the region. This will be an important part of your orientation. And you can use Internet In Siraj Office

5- What about post offices?
An important part of your orientation is to show you where the nearest post office is located.

6- What about laundry?
Your family will help you use their laundry Machine at the family home.

7- What about Transportation?
There are services that can take you almost everywhere you want to go. The Siraj Center will also identify for you taxis with arranged prices making sure that the Palestinian Summer Celebration will not be used by any taxi driver and that participants will be charged local prices.

8- How do I get to Bethlehem?
There are two ways: A- Either by sending a driver with a taxi to pick you up from the airport in TLV and bring you to Bethlehem. This will cost $120.00 US Dollars per car. B- By taking a service called Nesher from the airport to Jerusalem and then catching a service from Damascus gate in Jerusalem to Bethlehem. After arriving, you should get to Siraj center and you can call us to give you the full address

9- What about ATM and currency?
There are several ATM machines in Bethlehem and one can withdraw in Shekels or US Dollars. There are many money changers in the Bethlehem area where people can change US Dollars into Shekels.

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