Jericho - أريحا

Jericho is located in the eastern West Bank, near the Jordan River. A city of great religious and historical importance, Jericho is believed to have been inhabited for over 11,000 years, making it one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The protective wall encompassing it is the oldest of its kind. In the Torah, Jericho is described as the “City of Palm Trees”, and its continuous inhabitation is in large part due to the plethora of natural springs in and around the city. The earliest settlement in the area was located a couple of kilometers away from modern Jericho at a site called Tel as-Sultan (Sultan’s Hill). At 250 meters below sea level, Tel as-Sultan is not only the oldest but also the lowest town on earth.

Tourists are drawn to Jericho for religious and historical reasons. Visitors can climb the Mount of Temptation (by foot or cable car) to visit a Greek Orthodox monastery and look out over a panoramic view of the city. Within Jericho are buildings from the Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Medieval and Ottoman eras, including churches and mosques, and the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus climbed to watch Jesus walk to Jerusalem. Near to the city, at Qasr al Yahud, is the site of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, and the ruins of the Hasmonean royal winter palaces serve as evidence of King Herod’s luxurious tastes.

Jericho is a majority Muslim city. With about 23,000 inhabitants, it has been under the control of the Palestinian National Authority since 1994. Due to the surrounding mountains and its own low elevation, Jericho is always a few degrees warmer than the rest of Palestine: because of this, not only is Jericho a popular winter retreat, but it also produces bananas, dates and citrus fruits year round.


Type of Accommodation

Hotel or Guesthouse


Jericho Resort Village, Auberg-Inn, Aqbet Jaber MudHouse



In Jericho you will have the opportunity to swim. Please be sure to bring a swimsuit and sufficient sunscreen. Due to its urban environment, you will be able to find alcohol in Jericho.

While well-stocked pharmacies are easily accessible in much of the West Bank, you might not be able to find some desired medicines in small villages. For this reason, we recommend that you bring with you high SPF sunscreen, aspirin or other pain relievers, antihistamine, disinfectant, insect repellent, antibiotics and intestinal antiseptics. You should also have a hat, water bottle, backpack and comfortable shoes with you at all times to ensure your health and comfort while walking.


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