Jenin - جنين

Located in the northern West Bank, Jenin is the administrative center of the Jenin Governorate.  Jenin is situated on the edge of the Jezreel Valley, 1.5 kilometers west of Mount Gilboa and 43 kilometers north of Nablus. The city’s name derives from the Arabic ‘Ain Ganim’, meaning the ‘Spring of Ganim’, and the area is known for its agriculture, particularly its carob, fig and palm trees.

At a crossroads between the sea and the northern and eastern regions, Jenin was a town of significant importance to the Crusaders. Saladin captured it in 1187, and in the 13th century the Mamluks added fortification to the old city in an attempt to protect from further Crusader attacks. Jenin came under Jordanian control in 1948 before being occupied by Israel in 1967. Jenin is home to a refugee camp of over 10,000 displaced persons, established in 1953 by the Jordanians to shelter thousands of Palestinians who fled or were forcibly removed from their land in 1948. Home to a majority Muslim population, the city has been under the control of the Palestinian National Authority since 1996.


Type of Accommodation



North Gate Hotel, Haddad Resort Village



In villages it is important that you are dressed modestly at all times: this means wearing loose, opaque clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. Women should carry a lightweight scarf with which they can cover themselves when entering mosques or other holy sites.

Due to its Muslim population you will not be able to find alcohol in Jenin, except for in the Haddad Resort Village.

While well-stocked pharmacies are easily accessible in much of the West Bank, you might not be able to find some desired medicines in small villages. For this reason, we recommend that you bring with you high SPF sunscreen, aspirin or other pain relievers, antihistamine, disinfectant, insect repellent, antibiotics and intestinal antiseptics. You should also have a hat, water bottle, backpack and comfortable shoes with you at all times to ensure your health and comfort while walking.

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