Faqu’a - فقوعة

Faqu’a is located on the Green Line in the northern West Bank, 11 kilometers east of Jenin. Located on the Gilboa ridge, Faqu’a overlooks the Jordan River Valley to the east and the Jezreel Valley to the west. The town has a Roman and Byzantine history, evidenced by the coins and pottery shards found in the area, and visitors can find several cisterns carved into nearby rock. Faqu’a is famous for its cactus fruit, although agricultural production has been disrupted by water shortages in recent years.


We will stop in Faqu’a for lunch with a Bedouin family. In villages it is important that you are dressed modestly at all times: this means wearing loose, opaque clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. Women should carry a lightweight scarf with which they can cover themselves when entering mosques or other holy sites.

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