Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Since 2005, Siraj has been achieving its vision of becoming one of the most prominent and innovative organizations driving the development of responsible tourism, and re-branding Palestine as a destination for experiential travel and human connection. We are pioneers in Palestine. Our diverse responsible tourism programs include local community tours, home stays, interfaith programs, pilgrimages, and cultural and fact-finding missions, as well as other special interest programs. We are committing to making our tourism packages environmentally friendly, and offer an extensive array of outdoor programs, including walking/hiking (www.walkpalestine.com) and cycling tours (www.bikepalestine.com) along the Nativity Trail, Sufi Trail, Jerusalem Wilderness and Abraham Path, the first long distance walking route through the West Bank (www.masaribrahim.ps).

Theology Seminars

Theology seminars will be offered three times a year, unless otherwise scheduled by large parties. Topics will include: how to approach the Old Testament from a local Christian perspective, and how religious scripture and theological study can inform peace, human rights, and social justice work. The aim of these seminars is to promote inter-religious dialogue and spiritual growth. In addition to seminars and lectures, we will visit the key sites of Biblical history, get to know local Palestinian families, and meet with various organizations to learn about past and current religious, cultural, and political movements—culminating in a spiritual pilgrimage to remember.

Part One: 15- 20 days

Day one: Arrival

Upon arrival to Tel Aviv Airport, Siraj will pick you up and transfer you to your guesthouse in Bethlehem for orientation, dinner and overnight. 

Day Two - Day Eight: Lectures and Tours
            8:00Am- 10:00Am: Lecture
            10:30Am- 12:00Pm: Lecture
            12:00Pm- 1:15Pm: Lunch Break
            1:30Pm- 6:00Pm: Tours (religious, cultural, and political)
            6:00Pm- 7:00Pm: Dinner
            7:00Pm – 8:30 Pm: Speaker and Devotion

Tours will include:

  1. Church of the Nativity
  2. Hebron and the Tomb of the Patriarch
  3. Visits to homes of local families for lunch or dinner
  4. Local human rights and social justice organizations
  5. Refugee camps
  6. Short hikes and desert experiences


Part Two: Pilgrimage

During part two, participants will be able to visit the sacred sites of Bethlehem, Jerusalemm, and the Sea of Galilee, and reflect on what they have acquired during the first week.

More detailed course outline will be posted shortly.

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