Administration Board

The most recent members of the board of Directors elected on February 9, 2013 and will serve until February 9, 2015 are:

Michael Rishmawi, President & Co-Founder

Michael has been among the founding members of PCR.  He is a retired Teacher of Arabic Language and is actively involved in a number of local organizations.  He holds a BA in Administration and is the most senior among the board members and has been on the board of PCR since its foundation in 1988.  He is involved in a number of Literature group and is now authoring a book about prominent characters in Beit Sahour.


RANI A. HILAL, Vice President

Rani has been involved in PCR since 1997.  he was among the youth group of the center and have helped organize some of the activities and projects, especially the annual candle procession.  Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Bir Zeit University, Rani is running his own business with his father and brother.  This is his first time for him in the board and is determined to share his experience to serve the center, and thus, the entire community.



Fida joined PCR in 1997 as part of the advocacy training program launched by PCR in that year.  She was first employed by PCR in 2003 to support the team in running the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).  She traveled to Italy and obtained her Master Degree in Tourism Marketing and came back to work in PCR.  She joined the board first time in 2008 after she got another job in Bethlehem University at the Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC) of the Institute of Community Partnership (ICP).  She currently works at Dar Annadwa in Bethlehem.


Eyad A. Joma, Treasurer

Born in Beit Sahour, received his diploma in Jordan as a Dental Technician. Involved in Rapprochement Center since 1998.  Secretary of the board of the Trade Union of the Speciality Association of Science and Technology of Dental Laboratories for two years.  Joined the board of Administrators of PCR in 2006 and now serves as the treasurer of the Board. 


Jane S. Hilal, Member

Jane has been involved in PCR since 1992.  She holds a Master Degree of Science in Inviornmental Management and is currently the head of Water and Invirionment Research Department at the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ).  after several years of being busy at work, she decided to share some of her accumilated  experience in running and managing projects to help PCR develop its programs. 


Tariq H. Al-Atrash, member

Tariq is the youngest member of the board.  He has been involved in PCR since 2011, and has been interested to get involved in a serious organization to help in promoting peace and justice.  Currently, he is a fourth-year student of Mechanical Engineering at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, Jerusalem.






Mahira's history in PCR is not long, however, she expressed high interest in serving the community and settled that PCR is one of the ways she believes can get her involved in community service and development work.  Mahira holds a BA in Mathmatics Applied Economics.  She currently works as the head of the accounting department at the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)